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You Can Find Your Snuggle Buddy With This Giant Emotional Support Bear

You Can Find Your Snuggle Buddy With This Giant Emotional Support Bear

The teddy is available in large and extra-large size.

Some of us own plushies for emotional support, be it a panda or a dog stuffed toy, the attachment is the same as we have for living beings. In an interesting move, a company is selling a human-size emotional support bear not only to snuggle but also to support your back, neck and knees. 

The Loving Bear Puffy has the shape and size of a male human body but has the head of a half-asleep bear. Puffy is “a very personal product invented by an ordinary woman who is afraid of being alone,” said the company, which also has the same name.

The bear costs $160 (Rs 13,069) and “replaces the need for the physical presence of a person in various moments and situations of daily life, especially during long lonely nights”, it added. The 5-foot, 7-inch plush bear weighs just 3.2 kilograms.

The company lists emotional support, comfort and peace, a healthy hug and individual image and design as the benefits of the teddy. 

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“Puffy gives warmth, hugs and peace. He significantly reduces the feeling of loneliness. You can cuddle him before falling asleep, sleep in his arms, lie comfortably next to him on the couch or lean against him on the floor,” it’s website says. 

The teddy is available in large and extra-large size and is made of high-quality plush, textile, polyurethane foam filling.

The teddy-producing Bulgarian company has been founded by model and designer Ina Marholeva and product and creative manager Tonia Berdankova.

Many customers left reviews of this product on the website. One user wrote, “The first few days I felt a bit strange until I got used to his presence because he seems like a real person, but now I can’t imagine walking in and him not being home.”

“I’ve always been afraid of the dark, but since he’s been in my bedroom I feel like I’ve stopped being afraid. And the noises outside don’t startle me, I just snuggle into it and fall asleep without problems,” said another person. 

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