Watch: Video Shows How Murmura Is Made; Internet Impressed

Murmura is one of the most common foods in an Indian kitchen. You can have it as is or in form of bhel puri, jhal muri and more. You can also mix it with jaggery (gud) and prepare delicious murmura laddoo. Referred to as puffed rice, murmura is made of rice grain – making it fulfilling and light (on the stomach) at the same time. What makes murmura yet more popular is its accessibility and affordability. You can get a packet of mumura in literally every grocery store around. But have you ever wondered how murmura is made? Thanks to social media, we have an answer to it. We recently came across a video that featured the kitchen of a murmura factory. The video has been shared by a Nasik-based content creator from her Instagram handle “_veggie_bite_”.

In the video, we could see huge sand-loaded iron kadhai placed on clay ovens. A person then took a portion of rice grains, added something to it and threw it on the sand. The rice grain and sand are then mixed together until the rice grain puffs. Once done, the person immediately strained the murmura with a large mesh strainer. “Murmura/ Puffed Rice Making,” the video caption read.

Watch the video here:

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Quite an interesting process, right? The video went viral on Instagram, garnering 789k likes and thousands of comments. People on the internet seemed impressed with the physical labour that goes into making murmura.

“How do they handle such hot utensils? They’re so hardworking! Appreciate it!” read a comment. Another person wrote, “The person’s arms are better than most gym-going guys!!!” A third comment read, “So much hard work being done by so many unknown people and we relish the final product as if it’s our birthright. And yet, we criticise in more ways than one!”

What are your thoughts on the video? Share it with us in the comments below. Meanwhile, we bring you some of our favourite dishes that you can make with a packet of murmura. Click here to know more.

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