Velvet Nails Are One of 2023’s Biggest Trends—Here’s How to Do Them Yourself

“It is important to note that non-professional nail enthusiasts are warned against using gel products at home, as they require specific training and can cause permanent damage if used improperly,” Malarkey cautions. “That being said, if you’re comfortable with gel and know the basics, you can achieve salon-worthy velvet nails at home.”

Start by applying a gel base coat to your nails and curing it. Then, working finger by finger, apply one coat of magnetic gel polish. Reach for a small, strong magnet, and move the glitter particles to the center of the nail. “Keep them at the surface of the nail (don’t pull them down to the bottom of the nail plate),” Malarkey says. “If you mess up, you can reset the cat eye particles with a couple of quick swipes of the polish brush and start over; just don’t cure the gel until you are done.” 

Once you’re happy with the effect, cure the polish, apply a top coat, and you’re good to go. 

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