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US election cliffhanger: Trump claims victory, threatens to move court; Biden says ready for battle | LIVE

US Presidential Election 2020: Democratic candidate Joe Biden has taken an early lead against Republican incumbent Donald Trump as the counting of votes in the crucial US presidential election began on Tuesday night. Results show that Biden and Trump are locked in a neck-and-neck fight with the former having an edge. Biden is leading with 238 of the 538 electoral voters over Trump who has won 213 votes. Polling was yet to conclude in various states in the West Coast as states in the other parts of the country started counting of votes at the conclusion of their polling late in the evening. The next occupant to the White House needs to win 270 of the 538 electoral college votes. The outcome will decide who will sit in The White House for next four years after a fierce election campaign led by incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden. Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, job losses, economy, police brutality and China were some of the key issues over which this year’s election was fought. Meanwhile, analysts and poll pundits are of the view that the election may witness a tight finish. Read More

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