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US Election 2020 LIVE: Trump, Biden exude confidence of victory as America votes

US Presidential Election 2020: The United States is voting today to decide who will sit in The White House for next four years after a firece election campaign led by incumbent President Donald Trump, democratic rival Joe Biden ended on Monday. This US Presidential Election has been one of the most unpredicted election ever since it is taking place during the pandemic. US citizens who are out there to vote today will cast their vote on a number of issues be it handling of the pandemic by the government, job loss and its restoration, social support by government, help to businesses who suffered the most because of the pandemic, social harmony, the China factor, and many more. Amid, all this, both Trump and Biden have declared each other as unfit to run the country, so let’s and watch who the people of America finally choose to run the country for next 4 years. Meanwhile, analysts and poll pundits are of the view that the election may witness a tight finish. Read More

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