This Light And Nutritious Orange Walnut Salad Is Perfect For A Refreshing Meal

This Light And Nutritious Orange Walnut Salad Is Perfect For A Refreshing Meal


Salads are considered an integral part of a balanced diet, for they have multiple nutritional benefits. Some people struggle to eat vegetables and fruits regularly, however, having them in small portions in the form of salads is the next best option. Salads carry a wide range of tastes and flavours of different ingredients. Now, with the onset of summer, a cool and juicy salad could be a great basis for your refreshing meals. Each and every ingredient that goes into a salad has a number of health benefits. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal recently shared an indulgent salad recipe of orange walnut salad, on Instagram.

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This salad is a classic combination of healthy fruits and seeds that you must have on a daily basis.

Here are the ingredients you would need to prepare orange walnut salad:

1) Lettuce and rocket leaves

2) Oranges and sweet lime

3) Apples

4) Caramelised walnuts

5) Dates

6) Pumpkin seeds

7) Sunflower seeds

8) Dried berries

9) Feta cheese

10) Balsamic, vinegar, honey, sesame seeds (in very little quantities)

How to make the orange walnut salad?

First, place the lettuce and rocket leaves in a bowl. Now, start adding the sliced fruits one by one including oranges, sweet lime and apples. Put some caramalised walnuts on top of it followed by some healthy seeds. Add pumpkin seeds, sunflowers, dried berries, and drizzle it all with feta cheese. For the dressing further, you can use some balsamic, vinegar, honey and sesame seeds. Mix it all very well and enjoy.

Take a look:

Our body starts asking for cold mouth-watering treats as we enter summer. We often depend on aerated drinks that can be harmful. So, it’s always better to stick to healthy alternatives that not only have a cooling effect on our bodies but also carry some nutritive values. Nmami Agarwal once shared a recipe for a delicious drink that can be easily made at home. For this, all you need are coconut water and sabja seeds. Nmami first emptied the coconut water into various glasses. She then mixed a tablespoon of sabja seeds in each of them and mixed well. After letting the mix soak for about five minutes, she placed the glasses into the deep fridge. Nmami suggested that you can savour it in the form of popsicles.

So, what other healthy dietary choices are you planning to make this summer?


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