Things You Won’t Believe The New Meta Quest Pro Can Do – SlashGear

Things You Won’t Believe The New Meta Quest Pro Can Do – SlashGear

The Meta Quest Pro is designed with interior cameras that capture your natural facial expression and eye movement — this is a feature that is not available in the Oculus Quest 2. In other words, your avatar in the metaverse can mimic all of your facial expressions and eye movements in the real world to capture your emotions — if you’re sad, happy, angry, anxious, or neutral. It’s so accurate that if you were playing poker in the metaverse, your opponent could (or could not) read your facial expression.

However, natural facial expressions and eye tracking are disabled by default. If you want to activate the feature, you can head out to “Settings” and choose “Movement tracking.” Next, you can opt for “Natural Facial Expressions” and “Eye tracking” options to capture your emotions in the metaverse. What’s more, if you want to temporarily turn off the feature, you can use the shortcut in “Quick Settings.”

Since privacy is a concern, users can prevent specific apps from accessing their natural facial expressions and eye movements. Oculus also assures its customers that “images your Meta Quest Pro captures of your eyes and face never leave your device and are deleted after processing.”

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