These 9 Oldest Running Restaurants In Delhi Will Show You Another Side Of The Capital

These 9 Oldest Running Restaurants In Delhi Will Show You Another Side Of The Capital


For someone who has grown up in Delhi, this city has undoubtedly become a part of me. From reading about the rich history, culture, and heritage that Delhi has, to experiencing each of these; something about this place feels exceptionally comfortable. But that’s not only it. As people often call it a foodie’s paradise, you will find nooks and corners bustling with food stalls, small restaurants, cafes, and so much more. And surprisingly, each food place will also offer you a new taste. While we can go on and on about Delhi’s street food, the one thing you should surely be exploring this time is the city’s oldest running restaurants. These legendary places not only offer you delicious food, but you will discover a whole new Delhi in them! So, this week, if you plan to go out for a meal, choose from any of these epic places.

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1. Kwality

If you are looking for a lavish dining experience, lip-smacking food and an overall luxurious vibe, nothing seems better than Kwality! Established in the 1940’s, this restaurant offers you classic north Indian and Mughlai food. As soon as you walk inside the restaurant, it will give you a vintage vibe that will make surely make you want to capture the essence of the place. The restaurant costs INR 2,500 for two.

2. Indian Coffee House

For anyone who has been to Indian Coffee House, you know how legendary the place is. With a simple vibe and affordable and delicious food, this place is the best to visit when you are on a budget and want to fulfil your stomach. There are different branches of Indian Coffee House all over India. In Delhi, you can find it in Connaught Place. A meal here costs INR 500 for two.


3. Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal, established in 1947, is said to be independent India’s first restaurant. It is said that this place introduced the flavours of tandoori and Peshawar cuisine to the country. The place has lavish interiors and delicious food that is a must-try! The restaurant costs INR 1,100 for two.


4. United Coffee House

United Coffee House, which opened in 1942, is an all-time favourite of many Delhiites. If you are a coffee enthusiast, this is the spot for you. They also serve foods from international cuisines, including North Indian, Mediterranean, and European cuisines.


5. Wenger’s

This is the oldest bakery in Delhi, dating back to 1924. It serves waffles, pies, cakes, pastries, burgers, paninis, hotdogs, salads, and much more. Wenger’s began as a catering service in 1924. In 1926, confectionery was established. It will cost you INR 400 for two people.


6. Karim’s

If you are a fan of Mughlai food and want to get your hands on the authentic taste, Karim’s is the place to go! Nestled in the middle of Chandni Chowk, Karim’s is not only a hot spot for Delhiites but many tourists as well. A meal here will cost you INR 700 for two.


7. Roshan Di Kulfi

Roshan Di Kulfi, located in the heart of Karol Bagh, is a legend when it comes to street food and sweets. Chole bhature, special kulfi faluda kesar, and Badam Pista milk are some of the most popular dishes here. You can also find many other dishes on their menu. It costs INR 350 for two.


8. Sitaram Diwan Chand

Sita Ram Diwan Chand in Paharganj started as a small shop on the roadside and has since expanded to a restaurant. It’s impossible to resist their fluffy bhaturas with spicy scrumptious chole served with onion, chutney, and pickle! It will only cost you around INR 200.

sita ram

9. Kake Da Hotel

Kake Da Hotel is another one of the favourite places for many Delhiites. Since 1931, this restaurant has ruled our hearts with its delectable meals. The aroma of the meal, particularly their butter chicken and dal makhani will entice you to place an order! Oh, and don’t miss out on those soft buttery naans.

kake da hotel

So, what are you waiting for? Visit these amazing iconic places and tell us your favourite items on their menu!


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