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The Best New Tech Inventions Of 2022 – SlashGear

The Best New Tech Inventions Of 2022 - SlashGear

Smart tech is coming for every part of our home, with the bathroom prime real estate for conservation efforts. The Hai Shower might be the only shower head you ever need to buy, with easy installation and removal, perfect for apartment dwellers. It also gives you better water pressure while saving water, meeting the most restrictive U.S. water standards, and has an adjustable spray between spa-like mist and pounding jets.

That’s all cool, but the real smarts are in the companion app and the hardware inside the shower head. Hai created a low-powered Bluetooth sensor powered by a tiny turbine from your water pressure, and the sensor measures temperature and flow. An RGB LED on the shower lets you know when your water is at your preferred temperature and changes color when you reach your pre-set water consumption goal. The system needs no user intervention, and the app connects to the shower to download its data after you’re done. The ecosystem gamifies conservation efforts, which is good for the water bill and the planet.

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