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A lot of romance and most of the advice on dating comes from pretty dated sources, and when this information is outdated or simply not applicable anymore, well, that’s why we’re here to help. And you thought this was just for guys…


Let’s face it: Some old dating advice can get old, but it’s still useful. A lot of those old dating advice still holds true, and there are definitely some things you should avoid because they just won’t work in a modern dating world. We’ve compiled some of the best advice from out-of-touch, outdated sources in a handy list of dos and don’ts for modern dating. And trust us, we all need some advice on modern dating, so read on!

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Don’t (These Were All False Rules of Dating)

This post was originally published last October, and it was updated and republished a bit ago in April to reflect current trends in dating. We also edited out a couple of things, like talking on the phone too much or spending too much time on online dating. Don’t worry, those things were slightly dated then too. Also, the internet can be a great tool for many things, but don’t go online looking for a relationship. If you’re that interested in someone, take it offline and have a real conversation.

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Don’t (Pretty Face)

This is a dirty little secret—and one that is very, very outdated—but how many times have you looked at a profile of someone and thought, “Oh, he looks so cute,” or “He is so beautiful,” or “He is just so attractive?” We’ve all said something along these lines, and it’s almost universal—pretty face. I really hate to tell you, but that’s not what you want.

Look, we are attracted to people for a lot of reasons. But if you make someone look beautiful, or handsome, or even just cute, that is a huge turn-off. I don’t care how much you like someone, think he is super smart, or some other positive trait; we are a culture that loves to look at the “pretty ones” more. So, please, do not put another person on a pedestal and act like he or she is some sort of ideal. Also, don’t tell someone he or she is pretty, especially in a romantic way. Some guys will brag to girls about how hot they are
Once you figure out the rules (and we’ll get to those in a moment), then you’ll be ready to head out and find true love!

Step 1: Hit Up These Sites

There’s no shortage of dating sites, as the folks at Gizmodo recently discovered. What you need is a site that’s well-designed, well-curated, and has a vibrant community. We all know the joy of poring over the search results when it comes to online dating sites, right? Right! But which of these sites do you use?

Honestly, I have no idea. But if you want to figure it out, you can start by looking at the search results of 10 dating sites—it’s free to create an account and get the low-down on each site.

In the end, these are the sites I recommend using—and I’m constantly testing them!

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Datememe is a free, well-designed dating site that makes finding potential matches, like you used to do at your local bar, much easier. Simply add some of the filters—religion, location, etc.—and you’ll get all kinds of matches, but you can also mosey on over to the “Profile” section to find the person you’re looking for.

I’ve used Datememe in the past for a hook-up (awesome!) and once for a long-term fling (also great), and I’ve found it to be a great, quick way to find potential partners. It’s free to sign up, but you do have to pay to access the “Profile” page. There’s a free version that lets you view profiles, but you’re limited to viewing five photos.

Datememe is frequently updated and also has private community forums so you can share your experiences with others. The site also has a lot of good general advice and information about becoming successful on Datememe, too.

Good Singles

GoodSingles is for the folks who want to date and don’t care what site they sign up for as long as it’s free. The site’s slogan is, “Friends First.” That’s because the purpose of the site is to encourage folks to create their own life and enjoy it. You can use their “Discreet


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