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The 14 Most Reliable Sports Cars That Won’t Break The Bank – SlashGear

The 14 Most Reliable Sports Cars That Won't Break The Bank - SlashGear

If finding a decently-priced Integra Type R that hasn’t been ruined by mods or rusted away seems like too much hassle, Honda’s S2000 roadster offers just as much high-revving fun, and it’s easier to source used. Much like the Integra, the S2000 is built to be driven hard, feeling the most exciting to drive when it’s pushed as close as possible to its redline. It sports 237 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque, which in a car as light as the S2000, means a 150 mph top speed.

Over 110,000 units were sold between 1999 and 2009, with over 66,000 of those being sold on American shores. The S2000 also followed Honda’s reputation for reliability, with reports of 300,000 miles being achieved on cars with regular servicing. Like the other cars here, just because it’s a reliable car in general doesn’t mean that every individual example is going to be reliable, so it’s worth checking out the service history before putting down on one. There have been rumors of a successor to the S2000 for years now, but each time, they’ve turned out to be false. So far, buying a used S2000 is the only way to get your hands on Honda’s excellent lightweight roadster.

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