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SpaceX Is Buying A Hefty Ad Package For Starlink On Twitter – SlashGear

SpaceX Is Buying A Hefty Ad Package For Starlink On Twitter - SlashGear

Starlink is one of Elon Musk’s more ambitious projects, but could arguably have a huge impact on humanity if it remains viable. Unlike some of the billionaire’s other wild ideas, which include building a hyperloop between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and making Mars habitable by nuking it, Starlink is here and it does work. It has already made a tremendous difference during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, allowing the Ukrainian military and government to communicate even after the Russian military targeted their infrastructure. It also works if you live in the middle of nowhere and don’t want to be stuck using dial-up internet.

Starlink uses a network of satellites to provide high-speed internet access around the world. It was originally designed for people in areas where providing the infrastructure for modern fiber internet just isn’t viable. Regular Starlink still has a waiting list in areas with high demand, though users can now get around that by signing up for Starlink RV. The latter plan was the second option the company launched and can be used on the move, though it will be restricted or capped in areas with active waiting lists during peak hours. 

Following the release of Starlink RV, the company’s options expanded to include services for boats and private jets — though the price for things like the company’s aviation package genuinely is sky-high. Starlink itself is managed by SpaceX. The company is also responsible for launching the satellites the service needs to maintain and expand its network. Starlink has launched thousands of satellites into orbit, and plans are in place to launch thousands more — which could cause a few issues.

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