Rajasthan’s Military Engineer Service employee arrested for allegedly spying for Pakistan: Police | India News

New Delhi: An employee of the Military Engineer Service (MES) working in the chief engineer office at Rajasthan’s Jodhpur was arrested for allegedly spying for Pakistan, the police said on Thursday.

Gajendra Singh, 35, resident of Delwara village in Sirohi district was passing on information of strategic importance to a Pakistani woman he was communicating with via WhatsApp. 

Singh a Class IV employee used to move files and letters and operate a photostat machine in the chief engineer office of the Military Engineer Service. A senior official with the police Umesh Mishra said that Singh would click photos of important files on his mobile phone and share them with the Pakistani woman.

“Based on intelligence inputs about him, Singh was kept on surveillance and his activities were monitored. He was detained in Jodhpur and was jointly interrogated by intelligence agencies,” the officer said.

Mishra said Singh’s mobile phone was examined in Jaipur and they found evidence of information of strategic importance exchanging hands alongwith obscene chats following this he was placed under arrest.

The accused was in contact with the handler for the last two months and she trapped him under the guise of meeting and marrying him.

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