Quiet Luxury Is the Buzzword of the Moment, 5 Pieces That Define It

Everyone’s talking about “quiet luxury”. The term itself is pretty self-explanatory, but in case you haven’t been tuned in, the phrase describes a type of luxury that flies under the radar rather than presents itself upon arrival. Think brands like The Row, Jil Sander, and Loro Piana. The aesthetic doesn’t include apparent logos, short-lived trends, or flashy pieces that look like overt displays of wealth. From appearance alone it shouldn’t be immediately obvious whether something is Nili Lotan or Brunello Cucinelli—only when you look closer does the quality and craftsmanship reveal its designer pedigree. It’s difficult to say why social media has become so hyper fixated on this type of subtly, but after a stint of logo-heavy collaborations and collections, the shift feels like a breath of fresh air.

Since the look relies so little on bells and whistles, to nail down quiet luxury means investing in the basics. The tailoring should always be expert and well-defined (yes, even if it’s a “slouchy” dress), and the accompanying accessories should look elegant yet not overpowering. While wearing neutrals aren’t a explicit requirement for pulling off quiet luxury, brands and figures who have become synomous with the phrase seem to implicitly favor them (although a pop of color here and there isn’t out of the question). 

While everyone continues to talk about quiet luxury, ahead see the five foundational tips on achieving the look.


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