Parmesan Potato Gratin

Parmesan Potato Gratin

This Parmesan potatoes au gratin is a rich and creamy side dish made with potatoes, butter, cream, cheese, nutmeg, and thyme. Not only is it satisfyingly indulgent, but you can make it ahead of time, making it a godsend for entertaining or harried weeknights.

This creamy Parmesan potato gratin made us wonder if anyone else ever gets scalloped and au gratin confused? Scalloped potatoes contain milk or cream but no cheese and are usually sliced thicker. A potato gratin, or au gratin if you will, is similar but the potatoes are usually sliced thinner, and it always contains cheese—classically Gruyère but nowadays any grate-able fromage will do.

After trying these Parmesan au gratin potatoes, we sorta gloat about our gratin know-how. You can, too.–David Leite

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