Here’s your exclusive invite behind the scenes of the most buzz-worthy event of the season: The 2023 Oscars.

While viewers were able to watch the March 12 broadcast—hosted by Jimmy Kimmel—on their TV screens, E! News is delivering the details that award show cameras weren’t able to catch.

Want to know which celebs were chatting it up inside the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles? Which stars were spotted in the VIP lounge? We’ve got your answers.

Allow us to break down the timeline of events—and award show secrets—below!

3:50 p.m. PST: Elizabeth Olsen is one of the first to arrive in the VIP lounge with her husband Robbie Arnett. When he gets up to get a drink, people try grabbing the seat next to Elizabeth, but she tells them, “I’m saving this seat for my husband.”

4:15 pm: Cara Delevingne enters and runs up to Ariana DeBose for a hug. They complement each other’s outfits and then Cara is whisked backstage.

4:24 p.m.: Ariana and Gabriel LaBelle spotted chatting with Gabriel’s mom by his side.


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