Not Scraping 10-Min Instant Service: Zomato Denies Reports

Food delivery giant Zomato has recently denied reports that its quick delivery service is shutting down. In March 2022, the brand announced the launch of its pilot project – Zomato Instant – in Gurugram. The project features delivering food to your doorstep in just 10 minutes. After reports claimed that Zomato is closing the service (project), the company issued a statement, clearing the air. “Instant is not shutting down,” Zomato stated. Instead, they are working on rebranding the business for smoother operation. “We are working on a new menu with our partners and rebranding the business,” the statement further read.

Zomato also clarified that no employee has been laid off due to the development, “All finishing stations remain intact, and no people are impacted by this decision.”

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Launched in March 2022, Zomato Instant is aimed at people who “are increasingly demanding quicker answers to their needs,” the brand stated. In fact, Zomato also said that sorting restaurants by ‘fastest delivery time’ is one of the most used features on its app.

Further, in a blog post, Zomayo CEO Deepinder Goyal explained, “Nobody in the world has so far delivered hot and fresh food in under 10 minutes at scale, and we were eager to be the first to create this category, globally!”

Following the announcement, Zomato took over quick commerce start-up Blinkit which also delivers grocery and your daily essentials in not even 15 minutes. “The fulfilment of the quick delivery promise relies on a network of dense dark stores, which serve customers who are only 2-3 km away. This means an average travel time of 7-9 mins through shorter and defined routes, at a nominal bike speed of 20 kmph,” Deepinder Goyal stated in June, after Blinkit acquisition.

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