Netflix Adds A New Feature To Let You Kick Off Moochers – SlashGear

Netflix Adds A New Feature To Let You Kick Off Moochers – SlashGear

While offering a device dashboard is a convenient addition, the real purpose is to kick off moochers that may have asked for temporary access to an active Netflix account and have continued to enjoy the convenience ever since. To that end, each device card appearing on the dashboard will have a “Sign Out” option.

With a click on the “Sign Out” button for a logged-in device, users will be able to revoke account access for that device, preventing it from watching any more content. The new “Managing Access and Devices” feature is now rolling out for Netflix users on Android, iOS, and the web. On this page, Netflix also recommends users change their account’s password, however, that’s not necessary for kicking off a device from accessing the account any further.

The new feature addition follows the introduction of a new system that lets an account owner kick off a freeloader with their profile data intact. The streaming giant has also rolled out a cheaper ad-supported plan that lures users towards a fresh subscription with a cheaper asking price, with a few ads sprinkled in between their binge-watching sessions.

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