My Friend Has $200 To Spend On Jewelry — I Suggested These 38 Chic Pieces

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Or, if you’re like me, diamonds aren’t exactly on your “can buy” list at the moment. As much as I love jewelry and dressing up, there are a few, fine jewelry pieces I own. The rest are studded, plated, costume jewelry that are just as fun without costing anywhere near what I would have paid otherwise. 

Now that the holidays are over, all of my friends are looking to make smart purchases with the money they received from their parents, partners, or friends. After debating the semantics of cubic zirconia and gold-plated versus gold vermeil, I sent my friends a long list of fun, exciting, low-cost jewelry to wear out to special occasions and while on their way to the grocery store. Truly, you can never have too many gold huggie earrings. 

Below, the best jewelry finds I dropped in my group chat and my friends bought nearly immediately. Run, don’t walk, to the checkout line before these gems sell out. 

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