lockheimer: Google wants to help Apple ‘correct’ this on iPhones

Google SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer indirectly told Apple to extend support for RCS–which is considered as a major upgrade for SMS text messages. In fact, Lockheimer subtly indicated that Google is ready to help Apple as well to do so. Lockheimer tweeted, “Group chats don’t need to break this way. There exists a Really Clear Solution. Here’s an open invitation to the folks who can make this right: we are here to help.” It goes without saying that “folks” mean Apple.
Google has been pushing RCS as the default texting service for Android phones but there is no word from Apple as to whether or not iPhones will support RCS or not. Within the Android ecosystem, RCS may set a standard for texting but the problem occurs when an iPhone user texts his friend using an Android phone. The group chat breaks on iMessage.

The entire conversation around iPhones not supporting RCS started when a story about pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau breaking iMessage group chats was published. DeChambeau uses an Android phone adding green bubbles to group chats of iMessages. The official Android Twitter handle responded by saying, “Green jacket is next for our green bubble king” and Lockheimer quoted the tweet with his “Really Clear Solution” (RCS) to not break group chats.
For the past few years, Google has been working to provide chat features in Messages based on the open Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard. These chat features upgrade SMS text messaging with the aim to enhance user experience and make it more interactive as well as engaging. RCS messaging enables Android users to send and receive better quality photos and videos, chat over Wi-Fi or data, get read receipts, share reactions and more.

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