I’ve Been a DJ for 15 Years—5 Trends I Swear By for Nightlife

What’s one of your favorite songs right now?

I have a mega playlist of songs I love that I always update here.

How has your nightlife wardrobe evolved over the years?

There have definitely been some tragic trend-driven moments I’m glad I’ve left in the past. Embellished headpiece accessories, raccoon-dark eyeliner, American Apparel spandex, Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots… I could go on. It’s kind of funny that the rave Y2K scene made a comeback having lived through its original era.

I have night-out essentials down to a science. In a little zip pouch, I carry a mini brush, emergency USB (in case I jump on the decks), travel-sized eye drops, gum, travel-size deodorant spray, travel perfume, lip oil (I like the Dior or Fenty ones), safety pins, Band-Aids, mini Mace, Advil, cash. (I always have this on me, especially after concerts or raves, to combat Uber surcharges so you can convince a cab to take you.)

What’s one of your favorite things you’ve ever worn for a night out?

I love a glamorous moment. If I’m going to step out, I want to step out in a look. Mesh, fishnets, anything embellished like rhinestones and glitter, a gorgeous drop earring. If I’m committing to a moment of a night out, I love to get ready with a great playlist and try on a few playful looks. The bigger the better. 

What are the nightlife trends you swear by?

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