I Wear Simple Leggings for Going Out—5 Outfits I’m Trying Next

It’s official. Designers have ordained leggings past the gym, past the couch, and even past your daytime athleisure. The runway looks featuring leggings this season were proof enough, and they were also brimming with ideas on how to style up. 

Simple black leggings are a closet staple, yet you may be used to wearing them with a cozy hoodie, an oversize knit, or a matching workout top. I’m here to tell you that those same leggings can go to dinner, drinks, and more. Just ask Hailey Bieber

Celebrities aren’t the only ones capitalizing on this opportunity for comfort. I’ve been spotting it on social media recently and have pulled my favorite looks for inspiration. Below are five potential outfits I’m trying to take my leggings to the next level.

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