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Men and women both enjoy the thrill and mystery of the unknown. Think back to the first person you knew. When was that first time you felt as if you knew everything about them? When was the first time you didn’t know that much about them? When you first met, you looked at the person in front of you and a part of you wished you knew them more intimately. It’s human nature to want to know more about that person, and the only way to truly do so is through intimate conversation.


How to keep it casual when talking about romance

Don’t think of dating as a set up—even if you know you’re going to like someone, don’t put yourself in a set-up situation. The other person is still looking for romance, and although you’re able to provide insight, the other person may not be interested in a serious relationship—and if they aren’t, it’s not going to turn into anything serious.

“The truth is, any date has the potential to turn into a long-term relationship, but you don’t know if it will turn into a relationship until you actually begin dating,” says Certified Personal Consultant Holly Thomas. “Being with someone in a casual way is one of the best ways to see if they’re interested in you or in a future relationship. Spending time together in a casual way is really just a kind of self-discovery—you’ll be able to assess more things about them: Where do they come from? Who are they closest to? Does this person have children, what are they doing with their time? You can’t get much more self-discovery than that.”

As Holly suggests, if you truly like someone, then the next step is to take things out of the casual dating realm and venture into the realm of more meaningful conversation.

What men and women look for in a partner

Men’s desires differ from women’s. Women are looking for a romantic partner, but men are looking for someone who will complement them. Holly says that when someone is interested in a man, they seek a partner who is willing to take the lead and put some of the personality into the relationship. Men are looking for a partner who is competent, looks great, and is fun, but they also want a woman who is able to be intimate with a man. Men want a woman who is down-to-earth, open-minded, emotionally supportive, and optimistic. Women, meanwhile, want a partner who is stable,
Even if you’re committed to being selective and selecting wisely, this list will help you with the 3 most important questions every girl should ask before her first date.

1. You’re gonna wanna lie about your age.

Dating is a skill, and a skill is only as good as the person practicing it. Dating is a dance, and a dance is two points to a tango. You don’t want a partner who’s too slow or too fast, but you also don’t want a partner that’s slamming into and losing direction halfway through. It’s a mistake to be a fish out of water on a first date, and a bad date is like the cruel irony of a blind date. You’re so interested, and so nervous, and want to impress them, and you’re just so glad you actually got yourself to the point where you can ask for a second date. The person you’re asking for a date with doesn’t want to be asked for a second date. It’s a match made in love’s dream, and you must be prepared to give that person your undivided attention, and not, for the first date, to be distracted by anything.

Some girls lie about their age, some don’t care to. Some girls will tell you she’s 23 and she’s 23. Some girls will tell you they’re 30 and they’re 21. Some girls will look like they’re about 30 and they’re 43. Some girls will look like they’re about 21 and they’re 30. You’re going to want to go home and google the average age of someone in the U.S. and then guess (if you’re guessing between 20 and 30, or 21 and 30, you have the average figured out).

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2. You’re gonna need to actually be friends with someone first.

This seems obvious, but it’s harder than you’d think. You should never start a relationship with someone with whom you are not friends. (And the same should apply to you, if you’re in a relationship with someone you’re not friends with. There is no future in it.) If you’re not ready to be friends with someone, then you don’t actually need to date them.

3. You’re gonna need to make a decision about meeting people.

The more women you go out with, the more experience you’ll get,


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