I Only Shopped Secondhand for the Month of January—Honestly, It Was Thrilling

With the secondhand market booming and such a wide variety of online sellers and sites catering to every sartorial taste, there’s really no reason not to shop secondhand and sustainably right now. Depop’s Brand and Marketing Director Steve Dool, gave me some insight, “As we step into 2023, we expect the secondhand shopping market, which is projecting $82 billion sales by 2026, to continue experiencing dynamic growth, especially as we see an increase in Gen-Z spending power as they enter the global workforce and continue to prioritize sustainable and circular fashion at lower-price points.”

And as I found throughout the month, it’s actually really fun to integrate some of this years biggest trends and aesthetics with vintage and thrifted finds. “There are definitely a lot of us who feel ready to show up and bring a little life to our wardrobe in the new year. Four trend immersions we’re watching closely at Depop include Aquascape, Grunge Sleaze, Retro-Fits, Celestial and New Neutrals.” explains Dool.

With so many fashion-forward secondhand stores and sites to shop, this month I immersed myself in the world of the pre-loved market and below I’m sharing a glimpse into what I bought, learned and discovered as well as the challenges finding pre-owned pieces can present. Take a peek how I’ve been integrating some of my secondhand finds into my daily wardrobe and see some of my favorite places to shop secondhand.

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