apple: A Google executive wants to ‘help’ Apple, here’s how

Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Android at Google, wants to help out Apple in the adoption of a new communication protocol called Rich Communication Services (RCS) for the iPhone and the iPad. RCS would help Apple upgrade to cross platform messaging and is intended to replace the SMS. The senior Google executive spoke about his idea in a tweet where he said: “Group chats don’t need to break this way. There exists a Really Clear Solution. Here’s an open invitation to the folks who can make this right: we are here to help.”

He was referring to a subtweet about the inconvenience faced by both Android and ‌iOS users when using text messages for contacts. The “Really Clear Solution” here is actually the RCS protocol and by the “folks” reference, he means Apple.
RCS is supposed to come with support for transferring higher quality photos and videos, voice messages, group chats and have better security compared to SMS. Contrary to Apple, Google has been implementing RCS for the past few years, which is why they have grown comfortable and confident in the use of the communication protocol. As per a report by MacRumors, the three major carriers in the US pledged to adopt the RCS protocol in July this year.
Google’s Messages app on Play Store uses RCS. Some of the features of the app are dark mode, instant notifications, smart replies, audio messages, emojis, etc. Its search function lets you see the messaging history with a specific contact. You can also send and receive money with Google Pay.

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