All iPhones get macro mode, thanks to this app

Halide is a popular camera app for iPhones and iPads. It has been upgraded to version 2.5. This will add a new feature where all iPhone models now have a macro mode.
This mode, named Neural Macro, can be accessed in the app through the manual focus mode. This app will automatically select the lens on the back of your iPhone that has the shortest focusing distance once enabled.
GSMArena reported Halide’s Neural Macro applies a 2x digital zoom to get a better crop of the subject, without affecting the image quality. This works in both 2x and 3x modes. The neural network enhances the image which results in images having closeup appearance and detail of a macro lens but without any image quality lost.
The 2x and 3x zoom with image enhancement is only like an edit applied to the image. If you want the original uncropped, unedited one you just have to go to Edit and Restore.
Newly released iPhone 13 Pro
Halide can tap into the in-built macro mode functionality of the ultra-wide lens on iPhone 13 Pro. It can also apply the Neural Macro feature to get even better macro images than your default Camera app.
Here, you get manual control of the macro mode and not the default edit that only enables and disables the macro mode automatically. Halide 2.5 is a free update for all the existing subscribers of Halide II.

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