You’re walking down the block in the middle of the day when suddenly you notice something creeping behind you. It has prominent front teeth, staring eyes, and isn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. What to do when it makes a move toward you? As Ding demonstrates, you must be ready to fight back! Viciously!

According to Short of the Week, where io9 first saw this disturbing yet weirdly funny vignette, Ding started out as a short story by German filmmaker Malte Stein. His short film boasts hand-drawn animation and backgrounds—and you have to assume hand-drawing was the best way to apply all that expressive detail to that creepy little figure. (Be warned, there’s some NSFW imagery in this one.)

Ding (Thing) | Animated Horror Where Man is Stalked by Strange Little Creature

Stein told Short of the Week that Ding is “a symbol of how ridiculous our impulsive aggression and fears can be,” as well as a reflection on “his own fear of violence, a representation of humanity’s tendency to take advantage of weaker people,” and a “kind of persiflage of the classic monster film.”

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