7 Well-Known Cooking Rules That Reddit Chefs Choose To Ignore

7 Well-Known Cooking Rules That Reddit Chefs Choose To Ignore


Cooking is a process best learn by practice. Even the best and most experienced cooks change and tweak their recipes over time to yield ideal results. During this process, they often discover cooking hacks or observations that may be helpful for fellow chefs. These so-called cooking rules become the norm over time and are passed onto beginner cooks as well. Some rules, however, are quite unnecessary and are best forgotten or deliberately avoided! In a recent Reddit discussion in the sub-Reddit r/cooking, home chefs and cooking enthusiasts discussed some well-known cooking rules that they prefer to ignore entirely.

Here Are 7 Well-Known Cooking Rules That Reddit Chefs Choose To Ignore:

1. Sifting Flour

Reddit users pointed out that sifting flour is a process quite unnecessary and can be easily avoided. Some people said we don’t need to sift flour at all unless there is a specific requirement for this.

2. Correct Serving Size

The serving sizes mentioned in recipes are quite different when put into actual practice. Some said that the recommended portions were too small, while others found them too large. Thus, it is best to measure portions and serving sizes for oneself as per our requirements.

3. Quantity of Seasoning

A Reddit chef stated that seasoning and spices were often understated in most recipes online. Others said that they spice with abandon, and don’t even measure the number of spices. Another suggested doubling up the spices mentioned in the recipe for best results.

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4. Vanilla Extract

There are many recipes that ask for vanilla beans or vanilla pods, especially while baking. However, one Reddit chef said using vanilla extract gives the exact same flavour and results in delicious goodies every time.

5. Quantity of Garlic

When it comes to garlic, you just cannot get enough. Reddit chefs suggest avoiding the mentioned quantities of garlic, and instead, using the ingredient with abandon. This would result in more flavour and a tastier preparation.

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6. Salted Butter

Many bakery items require the use of unsalted butter over salted one. Reddit, however, is of the opinion that the substitution hardly makes a difference! You can always adjust the quantity of salt if the recipe calls for it.

7. Oiling Non-Stick Pans

Even though non-stick pans imply that the preparation will not stick to them, it is a good practice to oil them when in use. This will not just keep your pans clean, but also give tastier results according to Reddit chefs.

What did you think of the cooking rules that Reddit chefs ignore? Do you have any of your own? Tell us in the comments.


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