5 Long-Distance Trains Connecting Rajasthan, MP to Halt at Smaller Stations. Details

The Indian Railways has decided to give halts at five small stations to several long-distance trains passing through Rajasthan. The North-Western Railway has released an order regarding the halts, effective from January 1 to various long-distance trains connecting Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

The step is aimed to facilitate the daily passengers headed to bigger cities from small towns in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The trains will stop at Malhargarh, Jawad Road and Piplia railway stations of MP.

As per railway officials, Ratlam-Udaipur-Ratlam Express, Jodhpur-Indore-Jodhpur Express, Jaipur-Hyderabad-Jaipur Express and Indore-Udaipur-Indore Express trains have been given halts on their respective routes.

Ratlam-Udaipur Express

Train No. 19327 Ratlam – Udaipur Express will depart from Ratlam on January 3. It will arrive at Malhargarh station at 6.31 pm and depart at 6.32 pm. Similarly, train number 19328, Udaipur–Ratlam Express, will leave Udaipur on January 3 and arrive at Malhargarh station at 5:24 hrs and depart again at 5:25.

Jodhpur–Indore Express

Train number 14801 will leave from Jodhpur and arrive at Daloda station at 7.08 pm and depart at 7.09 pm. Similarly, train number 14802 Indore-Jodhpur Express will depart from Indore and arrive at Daloda station at 7.35 pm and will depart there at 7.36 pm.

Jaipur–Hyderabad Express

Train No. 17019 Jaipur-Hyderabad Express will leave Jaipur on January 4 and will reach Jaora station at 11.14 hrs. From there, it will depart at 11.16. Similarly, Train No. 17020 Hyderabad-Jaipur Express will leave Hyderabad at 7.43 pm and arrive at Jaora station at 7.45 pm.

Indore-Udaipur Express

Train No. 19329 Indore-Udaipur Express leaving Indore on January 2, will reach Jawad Road station at 12:54 pm and will depart from there at 12:56 pm. Train departing from Indore on 4th January will arrive at Piplia station at 11:35 pm and will depart from there at 11:36 pm.

Udaipur- Indore Express

Train number 19330 Udaipur – Indore Express will leave Udaipur on 3rd January to reach Jawad Road station at 11:28 pm and it will depart at 11:29. It will reach Piplia station at 12:19 pm and will leave at 12:20 pm.

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