/4 pharma stocks Hemang Jani is betting on

4 pharma stocks Hemang Jani is betting on

We continue to like Aurobindo within the pharma space along with Lupin and on the API side we have a positive bias on Laurus Lab and Divi’s, says Equity Strategist & Senior Group VP, MOFSL. What is your view on pharma as a space and Aurobindo Pharma in particular?Pharma as a space is in the limelight and both the large players with presence in the US market in generics and also the API players are showing a lot of momentum. Incremental data points continue to be positive either on the product approvals or on the API business visibility. Coming to Aurobindo Pharma, after the company announced the last quarterly numbers, we have seen a bit of a correction there and now the stock has started showing some upward momentum given the kind of product portfolio that Aurobindo has which is a combination of the API business as well as business on the US side though with a lower margin. Investors would want to own such stocks and so we continue to like Aurobindo within the pharma space along with Lupin and on the API side we continue to have a positive bias on Laurus Lab and Divi’s. Would you buy liquor as an industry and Radico Khaitan in particular?Unlike some of the other categories, we are not seeing liquor showing positive data points in terms of consumption, sales despite the kind of opening up that we have seen in the last two or three months. Secondly, with the kind of noise we are hearing on the taxation side, one is not really sure how the next six months-12 months are going to be. If one is really looking at a 2-3-year perspective, given our overall demographics and the fact that because of the negativity around this sector, only a few players have remained and they could eventually benefit. So, there may be a case for buying into United Spirits. Now that the midcap and small caps are in favour people would watch out for a company like Radico Khaitan also. As a sector we are not too positive on liquor at least in the near term. We would not recommend buying any of these names. What is the one stock that you would like to recommend for getting rich?From a post Covid and overall lifestyle change point of view, it makes more sense to be with the pharma sector. Given the kind of growth visibility that we have without much issues, Divi’s Lab could be one stock which can do exceptionally well despite the kind of run up that we have seen in the last let us say six months or so. This is one stock one should have in the core holding from a 2-3-year perspective. What is your view on Vodafone Idea?Our view has been clear that the entire AGR part was just a small trigger for them. The larger trigger is what kind of money infusion happens and how the company is able to get back in shape with some kind of a stable market share etc. Unless we see that playing out well, there is no point trying to play for a 25-30% kind of a move. Our view has been that within the current companies Bharti and Reliance are better placed and it remains that way. Bharti has disappointed in the last one or two months and it has corrected a lot may be because of some selling and technical factors like rebalancing of FTSE and MSCI flows but in the overall scheme of things, at current price point, Bharti offers a much much better bet and we continue to be extremely positive there. Why Bharti is suffering is a question which has been puzzling a lot of people. Is there something we need to be cognisant of because we may talk about price hikes but that price hike is not coming?When people have very high expectations, the stock becomes a little over owned then in the intervening period, you may go through a bit of underperformance and probably that is what is happening in Bharti. One has to remember that Bharti or Vodafone are not the leaders in their category in terms of deciding the price hike. A price hike will take some more time to come and will depend on Jio deciding to hike tariffs. This is bothering a lot of investors. Other than that, I do not see any reason why Bharti should underperform. May be some large funds are going through some kind of a redemption and there is a selling pressure. That could be one reason why we are seeing underperformance but fundamentally talking I do not think there is anything negative which is happening. The AGR uncertainties are behind them and with the kind of balance sheet they have, they are in a much better position to grow over the next 1-2 years. Is auto ancillaries a pocket that you like and would you still recommend investors to buy into these names even after the run up they have already seen?There is going to be a high correlation between the performance of the auto companies and the auto ancillaries in particular. Given the kind of monthly numbers that we are seeing, I am not surprised to see action across auto ancillaries and some of the tyre companies as well. Within the auto ancillaries, we like Motherson Sumi. The overall restructuring of the business and the visibility coming in from the European side is extremely good. Apart from that, we like Endurance Technology in midcap space and given the kind of interest that is there for the midcap companies, Endurance could be one stock one can look at and other than that, Exide and Amara Raja are also companies where we are seeing a bit of a stability in terms of the volume growth, particularly on the replacement side. Give one top recommendation from Motilal Oswal each in large cap, midcap and smallcap spaces.In terms of large cap, we would go with the IT names. Infosys would be the one stock that we definitely like at this point of time. In terms of the midcap space, we like Laurus Lab. It has run up a lot but keeping in mind the quarterly numbers at the momentum I think this would definitely be a stock that we would like to go with. In terms of smallcaps, the midcap cement sector could remain in limelight and Birla Corp is one stock that we have been liking. It has seen some momentum in the last couple of days but given the valuations and overall balance sheet, Birla Corp could be one stock that can give you a good upside from current levels.