23 Pairs of Trains to Halt for 2 Minutes at Patna Sahib During Prakash Parv

The Indian Railways has announced to operate several trains to Patna Sahib in Bihar from different corners of the country for Sikh devotees planning to participate in the 355th Prakash Parv. The festival will be celebrated from January 7 to 9 to observe the birth anniversary of Guru Govind Singh Ji Maharaj, the 10 Guru of the Sikhs. In Patna, Prakash Parv is celebrated with great pomp and show between January 1 and 15. Thousands of devotees from the Sikh community visit Patna, the birthplace of Guru Govind Singh Ji Maharaj, to offer their prayers and take blessings

“Citing huge bookings for Patna from different corners of the country, we have decided to operate several special trains and add additional coaches on trains for the comfort of devotees,” said a senior Indian Railway officer.

A senior East-Central Railway officer told the media that during the Prakash Parv, 23 pairs of trains will halt for two minutes at the Patna Sahib station until January 15.

The officer further told the media that train number 12361 and12362 Asansol-Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai-Asansol Express, train numbering 12545 and 12546 Raxaul- Lokmanya Tilak- Raxaul Karmabhoomi Express, train numbering14223 and 14224 Rajgir-Varanasi-Rajgir Budhpurnima Express, train numbering 15483 and 15484 Dibrugarh-Delhi-Dibrugarh Mahananda Express, train numbering 12333 and 12334 Howrah-Prayagraj Rambagh-Howrah Vibhuti Express, train numbering 22213 and 22214 Shalimar- Patna-Shalimar Duronto Express, train numbering 18449 and 18450 Puri-Patna- Puri Baidyanathdham Express, train numbering 15635 and 15636 Okha-Guwahati-Okha Dwarka Express, train numbering 22948 and 22947 Bhagalpur Bhagalpur Express, train numbering 13241 and13242 Banka-Rajendranagar-Banka Express, train numbering 12325 and 12326 Kolkata-Nangaldam-Kolkata Express train have been assigned a special two-minutes halt at the Patna City Station.

According to the East-Central Railway officer, train numbering 12303 and 12304 Howrah-New Delhi-Howrah Poorva Express, train numbering 13331 and 13332 Dhanbad-Patna- Dhanbad Intercity Express, train numbering 13423 and13424 Bhagalpur-Ajmer- Bhagalpur Express, train numbering 22197-22198 Kolkata-Jhansi- Kolkata Express, train numbering 14003 and 14004 Malda Town -New Delhi- Malda Town Express, train numbering 15528 and 15527 Patna-Jaynagar- Patna Express, train numbering 22405 and 22406 Bhagalpur-Anand Vihar Bhagalpur Garibrath Express, train numbering 12577 and 12578 Darbhanga-Mysore- Darbhanga Bagmati Express, train numbering 12327 and12328 Howrah-Dehradun-Howrah Upasana Express, train numbering 12369 and 12370 Howrah-Haridwar-Howrah Kumbh Express, train numbering 12315 and 12316 Kolkata-Udaipur-Kolkata Ananya Express, train numbering 12435 and 12436 Jaynagar-Anand Vihar-Jaynagar Garibrath Express will halt at the Patna Sahib station for two minutes till January 15.

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